Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Marion Connors

You may have noticed that I offer a form of massage called manual lymphatic drainage. Here is some information about what it is and the benefits of a manual lymphatic drainage massage. Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the […]

Lockdown Changes

I have been trying to adjust to the many changes since I have been spending so much more time at home in lockdown. I miss being at the clinic treating my wonderful clients but I realise it is important for all of us to play our part in stopping the […]

Burning back pain

Bowen Therapy – Still amazing after 22 years

Do you have burning back pain? Results from Bowen Therapy still amaze me after all this time. I am very lucky to have been a Bowen Therapist for the last 22 years, I never regret my choice to change my career path. I know at the time lots of people […]

Feeling Stuck?

We all experience times when we feel in a rut and need to re-evaluate our lives to make better choices for ourselves.  But all too often, obstacles get in the way from being able to ‘move forward’ and we end up feeling ‘stuck’. Dr. Kerry Petsinger looked at people’s careers […]

Bowen Therapy and Digestion – Is your food affecting how you feel?

Have you noticed how you feel after eating something? Do certain foods affect you, causing nausea, bloating or reflux? Becoming aware of the answers to these questions can be the first step towards feeling as good as you can. I have some suggestions that are aimed at helping you feel […]

Essences and Text


Life Remedies – Australian Wild Flower Essences Bach Flower Remedies Flower essences bring about mental and emotional balance mainly by influencing our body’s energy systems. These essences enter the bloodstream when ingested or absorbed through our skin. The remedies create an electromagnetic current in the circulatory and nervous system and […]

Learning Bowen Therapy changes your life!

My life changed after having my first Bowen treatment in 1995, I felt so energised after the treatment I thought I would love to learn how to do this. In 1998 I completed my training and in 2000 I became a full time Bowen Therapist. I left my secondary school […]

New Chakra treatment

How are you feeling right now? Have you considered that your Chakras may have an impact on you? Well they do and you would be surprised how much impact they have. When working well you feel balanced, healthy, optimistic, happy and full of vitality. When they are out of balance you […]

Celebrate growing older

We need to celebrate growing older, it is privilege denied to many. However whilst living longer we also want to live well, being healthy in mind, body and spirit. I would like to share some strategies that can help you achieve the goal of living a longer and healthier life: […]