Life Remedies – Australian Wild Flower Essences
Bach Flower Remedies

Flower essences bring about mental and emotional balance mainly by influencing our body’s energy systems. These essences enter the bloodstream when ingested or absorbed through our skin. The remedies create an electromagnetic current in the circulatory and nervous system and activate the meridians. They amplify and balance the chakras, the body’s energy centres. The chakras in our physical body correspond closely to our body’s endocrine system, which governs all hormonal activity and catalyses many of our mental, physical and emotional functions.

All living things in nature influence each other by “tuning in” or vibrating in harmony with each other via resonance. Flower essences coax our body gently and powerfully to harmony by influencing the energy patterns in our body to vibrate in health and harmony with them. They assist our body’s own natural healing process.

It is exciting to use these remedies in my kinesiology sessions. The awareness clients gain with their body’s choice of remedy is truly amazing.

Source – Life remedies by Harald Tietze & Juta Stepanovs

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