Spring Blossoms

Spring into Wellness Tips

Now’s the time to get moving as we transition seasons. Here are some tips to help you “spring into wellness”.‍ Wake early to exercise. The mornings are warming up, and spring means the sun rises earlier each day, so take good advantage of this change. The sunlight will program your […]

a woman on the sun arms wide looking peaceful in peaceful countryside


When you are at peace the world becomes peaceful What would it feel like to have your aches and pains, fears, anxiety, worries and concerns, depression, stresses, conflicts and overwhelm ALLEVIATED ? Would you appreciate noticeable and measurable results and an improved outcome? Would you like to uncover and unblock […]

woman with tissue at her nose, suffering from hay fever


Common hay fever symptoms include: Sneezing Runny or stuffy nose Itchy throat Watery eyes About 1 in 5 Australians experience hay fever with some experiencing symptoms now and again; while others suffer persistent and severe symptoms which can disrupt sleep, concentration and daily life. What causes hay fever? Hay fever […]

How to exercise when you are in pain

How to exercise when you are in pain

Marion Connors, one of Border Natural Therapies Wodonga Remedial Massage Therapists, was researching how to exercise when you are in pain and came across this information that we are sharing with you. How many times have you had therapy to help relieve your chronic pain, only to be told you […]

Winter tips and trips, warming ideas


Drink Lots of Water If you have joint or digestive problems drinking more water may be your answer. Your brain needs 500ml of water per day, if you don’t supply that it takes water from your body, including your joints and digestive system. Water is essential for the daily functions […]

when we sleep waste drains from the brain


Bowen Therapy helps the body in many ways, one effect is deep sleep after treatment. I have the best sleep after my Bowen treatment and wake feeling energised and clear headed.  Perhaps this can be linked to better functioning of our glymphatic system. The glymphatic system is a recently discovered […]


Medical intuition is the ability to provide in-depth insights into your current state of health and wellness, by gathering and reading energetic information in and around your body.  It helps you understand the underlying source of emotional, spiritual and physical issues. Put simply medical intuition is the art of healing […]

Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Marion Connors

You may have noticed that I offer a form of massage called manual lymphatic drainage. Here is some information about what it is and the benefits of a manual lymphatic drainage massage. Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the […]

Lockdown Changes

I have been trying to adjust to the many changes since I have been spending so much more time at home in lockdown. I miss being at the clinic treating my wonderful clients but I realise it is important for all of us to play our part in stopping the […]