How to exercise when you are in pain

Marion Connors, one of Border Natural Therapies Wodonga Remedial Massage Therapists, was researching how to exercise when you are in pain and came across this information that we are sharing with you.

How many times have you had therapy to help relieve your chronic pain, only to be told you must exercise to reduce the pain? It seems counterintuitive, however there is science behind this logic and plenty of case studies have been conducted where chronic pain actually improved. In this article, Simon Leo Brown, from ABC Radio National, interviews chronic pain sufferer Akii Ngo and other leaders in the fields of exercise physiology, Human Movement and chronic pain.

Ngo says that “…for a lot of people, even if they don’t suffer from chronic pain, that’s easier said than done. “Motivation is probably the biggest barrier for physical activity, regardless of if you have chronic pain,” Ms Ngo says. “Then you put the chronic pain on top, or any sort of pain or trauma, and it becomes so much more difficult.”

Ms Ngo says many people with chronic pain will avoid exercise because they are afraid of making their pain worse.”

Wendy Brown from University of Queensland’s School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences says anyone starting an exercise routine should ask their doctor if it is safe to do so, but “the answer is almost certainly yes”. The next step, if you have a chronic condition, is to ask your GP to set you up with a plan to manage it.

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