• Kinesiology with Heidi

    Kinesiology with Heidi

    Kinesiology put simply helps restore balance to the body. Kinesiology works by accessing the muscular feedback from your body (through muscle testing) and assists the body with its natural ability to heal itself. Imbalances in the body can be structual, chemical or emotional and other energy, by muscle testing the body indicates the priority healingRead more →

  • David’s Bowen Retreat

    David’s Bowen Retreat

    It’s not often that you would think of a weekend of what you do for work as a great way to unwind but that’s exactly how my weekend panned out. I spent the weekend with a wonderful group of therapists taking part in a Bowen retreat run by Anne Schubert and Christos Miliankos. Don’t getRead more →



    Did you know that the health of your hip flexor muscle the iliopsoas (pronounced ILL-ee- oh-So- az) can be affecting Women’s menstrual cycle? HOW? The nerves of the reproductive organs are embedded through the iliopsoas muscle and if this muscle is tight then it will affect these nerves, which could be causing unnecessary abdominal painRead more →

  • Kinesiology Now Available

    Kinesiology Now Available

    We are excited to welcome Heidi Vine (ICPKP Certificated Kinesiologist) to our Wodonga clinic. Appointments available from 2/11/17, Thursdays and Fridays. Call or book online. Heidi knows and appreciates the benefits of using Kinesiology from her own personal journey.Because of this she learnt Touch for Health Kinesiology 5 years ago, allowing her to pass onRead more →

  • BEETROOT – not just colour on your hamburger

    BEETROOT – not just colour on your hamburger

    THERE are health foods that come and go as fads and tastes change, but one that has stood the test of time is beetroot. It does more than just adding a bit of healthy colour to that hamburger with the lot. In fact beetroot has made it into our diets for hundreds, if not thousandsRead more →

  • Looking forward to Spring – here are some energy boosting ideas to help you make the most of it!

    Looking forward to Spring – here are some energy boosting ideas to help you make the most of it!

    Exercise for at least 20 minutes– go for a walk or gentle jog to boost not only your energy levels but also improve your mood. Exercise helps regulate levels of hormones like endorphins and leptin, as well as the neurotransmitter dopamine to boost your motivation and energy. Pull your shoulders back – a slouched orRead more →