Today is R U OK day so we thought it timely to let you know we are here to help.

Stress is a natural part of life. We find ways to manage stress, such as walk in nature, listen to music, reading- down time for ourselves to distract from the pressures and calm ourselves. But sometimes life will bring up too much stress and we become overwhelmed and feel we cannot cope.

An example is when one is injured and not able to work. The first major stress is adjustment- loss of independence, possibly relying on someone to care for the children, the housework, shopping, not being able to drive. Feelings such as frustration and anger may surface as you are no longer in control and dependent on others (and expectations of how things should be done… bringing up more stress). There can also be a flow on effect of financial stress (if there is no sick leave or self -employed…), relationships are strained and on top of that, a lot of time and space to think of this issue- and other issues that you have not had time to consider in your usually busy life. More stress.

Now stress turns into anxiety- a lot of tension, frustration, overthinking leading to imagining the worst, resulting in catastrophizing thoughts about the situation and the future leading to panic and tension mounting. This can then lead to feeling depressed- hopeless, can’t cope, poor sleep, poor appetite, lack of self -worth and isolating- not want to see others as you are now feeling upset all the time. You don’t want to talk to friends or family about this- you don’t show your vulnerability and besides, they have their own issues….

This is an example of where seeing Portia Eubanks would be of benefit. As an experienced counsellor she would support and guide you to work your way through this difficult crisis you are now experiencing….

You can book an appointment now on our website to take a step towards feeling better…

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