New Chakra treatment

How are you feeling right now? Have you considered that your Chakras may have an impact on you?
Well they do and you would be surprised how much impact they have.

When working well you feel balanced, healthy, optimistic, happy and full of vitality. When they are out of balance you may experience anxiety, lack of confidence, pessimism, feel insecure and experience an inability to complete things. Diseases may include varicose veins, leg problems, sciatica, lower back and constipation. And that just relates to the Root Chakra!

Chakras are centres of energy, their function is to regulate the flow of energy through our bodies energy system. They are channels of communication between the inner emotional body and the outer physical body.

If a chakra is not performing well or correctly this may cause our mental health, physical health and our spiritual self to suffer ie life not flowing like it should, that monkey mind taking over. They also connect to disease in the body. It is said that the chakras are the key to realign the body.

There are 8 primary chakras – root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, thymus, throat, brow and crown. Plus many minor chakras also.
The chakra system is intimately connected with the endocrine system. Our senses, awareness, perceptions and experiences can be dividend into 8 categories and chakras which represent parts of our physical body and consciousness.

This treatment is non invasive, done fully clothed, comfortably lying or sitting, in a supportive and caring environment.

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