Mind Body Bowen – David Thorpe

Is there a line between treating acute symptoms and uncovering the cause of chronic conditions they can mask in the body?

The answer is yes and the line is in your body.

By using the Mind Body Bowen technique a Bowen therapist can follow the lines that tell your story to help unlock a treatment plan that works best for you.

Google, meridians, and look at the images.

They will show pictures and artists impressions of the human body with lines drawn throughout the torso, head and limbs.

These lines, known as meridians, illustrate the vital energy lines that flow throughout us all.

These lines were mapped hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago to demonstrate the interconnectedness of the body’s systems.

The Mind Body Bowen technique offers clients the opportunity to feel and sense reactions they have after Bowen moves which can guide their therapist to work in an area of their body which would other wise be discounted as being at the root of the ailment.

Mind Body Bowen can be a powerful tool for looking past obvious symptoms that can mask issues that have led to a chronic condition that can elude resolution with other modalities.

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