Kinesiology with Heidi

Kinesiology put simply helps restore balance to the body.

Kinesiology works by accessing the muscular feedback from your body (through muscle testing) and assists the body with its natural ability to heal itself.

Imbalances in the body can be structual, chemical or emotional and other energy, by muscle testing the body indicates the priority healing needed.

We all instinctively feel the connection between our brain and body. When we are emotionally down we can feel “flat/no energy” and when life is good we can feel “positive/energetic”. This link is because the brain controls all of our functions, like a computer.

When everything is functioning well in our system, theoretically we feel well, we are in balance.

Kinesiology doesn’t diagnose, prescribe or treat medical conditions. Instead it looks beyond symptom’s and focuses on resetting the bodies energy.

Things to ask yourself :-
• Am I experiencing good health?
• Do I feel anxious or depressed?
• Do I have pain in my body?
• Am I finding life to be a struggle?
• Am I exhausted all the time?
• Am I grieving?
• Do I feel happy?

Do you….
• Worry
• Feel angry
• Always want to be in control
• Have self-worth issues
• Money issues
• Emotional conflict with family
• Set the bar too high
• Have panic attacks

Kinesiology can help.

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