How can Hypnotherapy help?

This is a question people often ask when Hypnotherapy is mentioned in a conversation about a problem that has been bothering a client for a long time. So how can a hypnotherapist help, what is it that we do that makes a difference? To explain it very simply you need to think of our mind in two parts, like on the image below – one being our Conscious mind and the other the Subconscious Self.

On the surface is our Conscious mind that we use to manage our daily routines, but the larger and more powerful one is our Subconscious that stores all our memories, feelings and things learned in previous lifetime. It is possible to access and utilise the power of our Subconscious and to do that we can use Hypnotherapy – with a deep relaxation the state of our conscious mind is altered so that hypnotherapist can direct it to manage various disorders such as compulsive behaviors, low self-esteem, speech issues, depression and anxiety, and others…

Exploring our Subconscious mind in a trance-like state of deep relaxation allows us to experience insights often prevented and obscured by our conscious thinking. For example we do have rational and reasonable explanations for changing our behaviours – such as smoking, over-eating, compulsion to gamble, etc. but we lack the emotional impulse to act. It is imperative to bring those emotional impulses up to the surface, from the subconscious mind – once they surface they become part of our natural conscious behaviour and we no longer need to “think hard” or “force ourselves” to act.

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