Handy Hint – Go Bananas

Eating a banana an hour before your fitness regime, training or competition can give you that energy boost your body needs to enhance your performance. Bananas have high levels of carbohydrates with 30 grams of energy supporting your muscle activity and 1.5 grams of protein to help increase your exercise endurance. With 13 percent of our daily intake bananas have loads of potassium each consisting of 450 mg. This important mineral is necessary for blood-sugar maintenance and proper heart function. Potassium also acts like an electrolyte helping to retain fluid balance in your body’s cells which aids in the prevention of muscle cramping. Bananas provide athletes with antioxidants, not found in sports drinks, providing greater nutritional value including fibre and Vitamin B6 and have a healthier blend of sugars.
If you plan to eat a banana before your workout, time your meal properly to maximize athletic performance. Eating right before exercise might diminish your athletic ability. Instead of directing blood flow to your muscles to maximize performance, your body must direct blood flow to your stomach and intestines to allow for digestion. Try eating a banana about an hour before working out to allow sufficient time for digestion, recommends Go Ask Alice, a service provided by Columbia University. Alternatively, eat a banana after exercise to restore your body’s nutrients after a hard workout. Go Bananas!
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