Do you suffer from period pain?

Did you know that the health of your hip flexor muscle the iliopsoas (pronounced ILL-ee- oh-So- az) can be affecting Women’s menstrual cycle?

HOW? The nerves of the reproductive organs are embedded through the iliopsoas muscle and if this muscle is tight then it will affect these nerves, which could be causing unnecessary abdominal pain which women describe as period pain.

SO if your iliopsoas (hip flexor) is tight, which is common with people who sit for long periods in the office, this might be the cause of your problem. Other things that can tighten your Psoas include sports activities such as running, kicking and dancing actions that flex the hip to raise your thigh toward your stomach or to bring your thigh forward when you walk or run.

If this is you or a friend that has pain related to their menstrual cycle as well as complications such as Adenomyosis, treating your iliopsoas and even your abdominal muscles could help you enormously.

Dysfunctional muscles in our body can be contributing to debilitating pain AND we can HELP you.

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