David’s Bowen Retreat

It’s not often that you would think of a weekend of what you do for work as a great way to unwind but that’s exactly how my weekend panned out.
I spent the weekend with a wonderful group of therapists taking part in a Bowen retreat run by Anne Schubert and Christos Miliankos.
Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all work and no play.
We did explore the landscape and culinary delights North East Victoria has to offer.
There was plenty of fun and laughter but it was all conducted in and around a discussion about Bowen Therapy.
It was an ideal opportunity for us to fulfil the requirements of membership to the Bowen Association of Australia.
The association helps members maintain the highest professional standards of conduct and practice.
To remain a member of the BAA, Bowen therapists must complete a specific number of continuing education units, CEU’s, each year.
So it is during events such as the weekend retreat that we are able to improve our knowledge and skills to meet that requirement.
Just spending time with other Bowen therapists is a great way of recharging the batteries and taking on board new ideas, skills and knowledge that we can pass on to the people we work with.
There were a huge variety of topics covered this past weekend.
Anne Schubert gave us an insight into the Mind Body Bowen technique which may help with a wide range of physical and emotional trauma.
There were also in depth discussions about the role that fascia plays in our bodies and how it can relate to our health and wellbeing.
We even got to learn and practice some new stretching techniques aimed at helping keep fascia, muscles and joints supple.
In all it was a valuable weekend of fun and learning that allowed us to take on new knowledge which will make us better practitioners.
So the next time you’re talking to your therapist ask them what they have been doing to keep their knowledge and skills up to date.
They will have plenty to talk about.
David Thorpe

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