Celebrate growing older

We need to celebrate growing older, it is privilege denied to many. However whilst living longer we also want to live well, being healthy in mind, body and spirit.
I would like to share some strategies that can help you achieve the goal of living a longer and healthier life:
1. Have regular body treatments, you service your car so your body is no different. Have dysfunctions corrected to help smooth easy movement, keeping your body in balance.
2. Do a few different types of exercise, this is good for the protective caps on the ends of your chromosomes which influences how well your cells age.
3. Eat a mediterranean style diet, this has been shown to protect against inflammation,reduce the risk of heart disease and help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
4. Keep setting new goals as working towards achieving them gives your life purpose.
5. Keep in touch with friends as this helps with your sense of well being, provides mental stimulation and physical activity as well as a great opportunity to share any concerns.
6. Limit TV to 2 hours a day as this will avoid weight gain and give you the opportunity to participate in other activities or hobbies.
7. Show gratitude daily, one of the best ways is by writing whatever you are grateful for in a journal at the end or beginning of each day.
8. Quit sugary drinks, the high sugar load accelerates the aging process. Drink good quality water instead.

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